Faculty & Staff Funding

Community Engagement Presentation Fund

Share the results of your engaged work with a range of audiences


This fund supports the development, dissemination and presentation of community-engaged work by faculty, staff, community partners and students.

The Community Engagement Presentation Fund is intended to support:

Presentation (including posters and panel participation) of research, programmatic or other scholarly work that aims to advance understanding or impacts of community-engaged research, teaching, leadership and/or partnerships.

Travel that will take place after posted notification dates for each funding cycle

Funds are not intended to support:

Conducting research or teaching

Travel for students and/or community partners, in lieu of primary investigator’s attendance

Travel that has already taken place


Faculty of any rank, staff, post-docs and medical fellows from Cornell academic or non-academic units.

Team presentations are encouraged. Students, temporary staff, partners and alumni can be team members, but cannot serve as team leads.

Cornell affiliate organizations should consult the Office of Engagement Initiatives to determine eligibility.

Individuals can receive only one award from the Community Engagement Presentation Fund per 12-month period.


Travel funding will not exceed $1,500 per person and $5,000 per team. All budget lines must be justified. Applicants should make their case for the use of funds most appropriate to their need.

The Presentation Fund has a six-month term and is not renewable. After six months, remaining funds must be returned to the Office of Engagement Initiatives.

Application Timelines

Applications are due the first Thursday of each month and are reviewed by staff in the Office of Engagement Initiatives. Applicants will be notified by the third Thursday of each month.

Expectations and Deliverables

Recipients are required to submit a brief report using a template provided within one month after returning from travel. The report should indicate key impacts of the presentation/dissemination as well as key learning of all presenting colleagues (note: reports are best completed at a post-travel debrief meeting of the presenting partners). The report should be accompanied by any materials shared at the presentation, if feasible.

Additional details may be requested depending on the nature of the funding request.


Allowable Expenses

  • Faculty and/or staff support:
    • Travel, registration, meals and lodging associated with conference presentation
    • Material support costs
  • Student support*:
    • Travel, registration, meals and lodging associated with off-campus presentation
    • Direct costs incurred by students involved in the dissemination
  • Partner support:
    • Travel, registration, meals and lodging associated with off-campus presentation
    • Direct costs incurred by partners involved in the presentation

* Projects proposing student travel to a country determined to be an “elevated risk destination” by the International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART) must obtain ITART pre-travel approval per Policy 8.5. Contact intlsafety@cornell.edu.

Unallowable Expenses

  • overhead and indirect costs (IDC);
  • tuition;
  • capital projects;
  • faculty or staff salaries;
  • wages for students who have already graduated.

Selection Criteria

Office of Engagement Initiatives staff will review proposals, with selections being made according to the following criteria, as appropriate:

  • Evidence that presentation derives from community-engaged research, teaching or project
  • Demonstrated collaboration with community partner(s) in the co-creation and presentation of scholarship or program, as appropriate
  • Description of how the presentation advances the presenter’s discipline; promotes positive civic/social impact; and/or contributes to the field of community engagement
  • Advances the engaged learning environment for Cornell students


Proposals must be submitted using the online application form, and include the following information, within the space limits described on the form.

  1. Presentation title
  2. Name(s) of team member(s) and their unit(s)
  3. Signature endorsements from chair or supervisor
  4. Community partner(s) information, if applicable. Letter of collaboration is strongly recommended.
  5. If students are involved, the selection of engaged student learning outcomes that will emerge from this travel
  6. Key conference/workshop information
  7. Short narrative, including:
    • Description of how the presentation advances public understanding of, policy regarding or civil/social impacts related to the focal issue or topic
    • Identification on how this presentation improves engaged student learning opportunities at Cornell
    • Demonstration of collaboration with others, including community partners and students, in the development of presentation or scholarship, as appropriate
  8. Budget and budget justification aligned directly with the budget categories in the online application form

Additional details may be requested depending on the nature of the funding request.

Questions about your project?

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Email: engagedcornell@cornell.edu

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