Student Learning Assessment

Student learning assessment. Isn’t that assigning grades at the end of a course? Not exactly!

When we think about learning assessment, we shift from thinking about what we want to teach to what we want students to learn — or what they should be able to know, do or think about after a particular learning experience.

To build assessment into your course or curriculum, you have to begin with the end in mind. Identify where you want students to be at the end of the course, and then you can backwards design your assignments, activities and readings to match that end point.

There are five engaged student learning outcomes (SLOs) that are embedded in community engagement: civic engagement, intercultural competence, integrative learning, critical reflection and ethical practice. These outcomes aren’t unique to community-engaged learning, they are essential to it.


If you’re an Engaged Cornell grantee, visit the Blackboard site to take a deeper dive into student learning assessment. (Don’t have access? Let us know!)

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