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Yucatec Maya Beekeeping and Sustainable Livelihoods

Economic globalization is a pervasive driver of ecological and cultural change worldwide. It shapes the landscapes and livelihoods of even the world’s most remote regions, upsetting traditional patterns of land and natural resource management and creating new challenges for native communities. Ted Lawrence is working with Yucatec Maya communities to reclaim the forgotten skill of native beekeeping as a traditional livelihood and, ultimately, developing ways for the Maya to adapt to economic globalization and build new capacities to conserve biodiversity, traditional livelihoods and their rich cultural heritage.

The Team

  • Graduate student: Ted Lawrence, natural resources
  • Special committee chairs: Rich Stedman and Stephen Morreale, Department of Natural Resources
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Community partner: X-kumil

Engaged Graduate Student Grants

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