Engaged Opportunity Grants

Supporting Global and Public Health Student Leadership

Encouraging students to become global health leaders by working with key international partners in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Zambia.

The Global Health Program (GHP) creates an active and meaningful space for students to get involved, share their innovative ideas and work collaboratively with their peers, faculty, international partners and the broader global and public health community. Student leaders are key stakeholders in GHP’s community partnerships and programs. This project develops an evaluation plan to better understand how GHP’s model shapes the academic, personal and professional development of student leaders and their key in-country partnerships in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Zambia. Through this process evaluation, the GHP student leadership model is documented, refined and sustained, ensuring the continued success of global-service learning programs that engage undergraduate students in cross-cultural learning and discovery in the field of global and public health.

Grant category: Other

The Team

  • Jeanne MoseleyDivision of Nutritional Sciences
    College of Human Ecology
  • Tatyana RobertsDivision of Nutritional Sciences
    College of Human Ecology
  • Jennifer DiPietroDivision of Nutritional Sciences
    College of Human Ecology
  • Tim Shenk, Cornell Committee on U.S. – Latin American Relations
  • Community partner: Dr. Sia Msuya, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (Moshi, Tanzania)
  • Community partner: Dr. Angel Pichardo, Asesoria Nutricional para el Desarrollo Armónico (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

In The News

NOVEMBER 8, 2017
Students share global and public health projects, solutions to problems
– Cornell Chronicle

Engaged Opportunity Grants

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