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Spreading Science Literacy with Science Cafés

Enhancing the public’s understanding of scientific discoveries and boosting community learning through informal science cafés.

Since 2005, Science Cabaret has been bringing together Cornell faculty, community leaders, entertainers and local entrepreneurs to have engaging conversations that enhance the public’s understanding of scientific discoveries and increase science literacy in the region. In this project, students assess this science café’s impact on community learning while gaining knowledge about how to launch and maintain a successful and sustainable science communication platform. Students attend and help plan science cabaret events, coach presenters and develop science literacy assessment questions. As a result, they learn how to translate scientific information into concise, simple messages and engage the public in a scientific dialogue. Student involvement also increases the exposure of Science Cabaret to other members of the Cornell community.

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
In this communication course, scientists are the storytellers
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Engaged Opportunity Grants

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