Engaged Opportunity Grants

Shifting Perceptions of Disability

Creating an advocacy development opportunity for people with disabilities to take on leadership roles within program services and in the community

Traditionally, people with disabilities are on the receiving end of programs and services that professionals in the field design and administer. This project aims to shift the social capital of individuals with disabilities by engaging them as advocate-educators who learn and collaborate alongside the people who are paid to support them.  The project team is designing and implementing a community of practice approach for training participants to share power and authority leading to positive change. Everyone has something to learn: individuals with disabilities will take on advocacy leadership roles in their life and in the community; professional staff and community partners gain competency training; and the community broadens its understanding about the leadership potential of people with disabilities.

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Engaged Opportunity Grants

Supporting a wide range of community-engaged projects, from student leadership programs and partnership building to events and conference travel. Open to all faculty and staff.

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