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Participatory Program Evaluation Plan for the Cornell Farmworker Program

Evaluating how the Cornell Farmworker Program provides support and resources for the vulnerable immigrant population in New York state.

Federal labor law systematically excludes farmworkers from their right to organize and collectively bargain, and limits overtime pay. Farmworkers also face many immigration policy and worker-rights challenges. This project creates a participatory program evaluation plan to improve Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP) services for the vulnerable immigrant population living in isolated rural areas of New York state. Because the demand for CFP services has increased in recent months, it is important to use program evaluation tools to improve program servicing and planning.

Grant category: Student Leadership

The Team

  • Margaret JohnsonCornell Institute for Public Affairs
    College of Human Ecology
  • Mary Jo DudleyCornell Farmworker Program, Department of Development Sociology
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Amy Saz MPA ’17, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs
    College of Human Ecology
  • Community partner: Cornell Farmworker Program
  • Community partner: Participating farmworkers in New York state

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