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Mizo Nationalism at the Edge of the Empire

Mariangela Mihai is conducting ethnographic research in the northeast Indian state of Mizoram to examine how Mizos make sense of their identities through interactions with people they see as ethnically and morally different. To gain a deeper understanding of how the Young Mizo Association — a civil society organization whose campaigns addressing miscegenation, the LGBTQ community, alcohol and drug addicts, and others lay at the center of contemporary Mizo-self articulation — produces “Mizoness,” Mihai will collaborate with the Mizo Film Development Society and the Central Young Mizo Association to produce an in-depth ethnographic film that follows YMA’s socio-political activities across Mizoram. At film screenings, local communities will be invited to participate in public conversations about the role the YMA plays in society.

The Team

  • Graduate student: Mariangela Mihai, anthropology
  • Special committee chair: Magnus Fikesjo, Department of Anthropology
    College of Arts and Sciences
  • Community partner: Mizo Film Development Society

Engaged Graduate Student Grants

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