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Materials Science and Engineering for High School Students

Educating high school students about materials science and engineering through a nationally distributed learning module and a community outreach course.

For more than fifty years, Cornell has been at the leading edge of materials science and engineering research, but the subject rarely makes its way into high school classrooms. This project remedies that omission by creating a materials science and engineering learning module that is nationally distributed through an existing partnership with the University of Texas at Austin and its Engineer Your World curriculum, which is currently taught to 10,000 students across the country. This project also creates a general engineering course, “Developing Communicative Practice Through Community Engagement,” in which Cornell students enhance their science communication skills by mentoring participants in BOCES’ New Visions engineering program, visiting middle school classrooms and creating texts and video that illustrate the real-world applications of engineering concepts. Content will be created in collaboration with local PBS station, WSKG, and vetted by WSKG’s science board for inclusion in PBS Learning Media, a nationally recognized digital resource for high quality, engaging content that reaches teachers and students nationwide.

Grant type: Development

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MSE teams up with PBS affiliate for science communications course
– MSE newsletter (page 12)

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