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Learning from Flint and Beyond: The Michigan Emergency Manager Law Research Project

Producing policy briefs that examine the 2011 Michigan Emergency Manager Law and how it has affected local communities.

In 2011, the governor of Michigan signed a law authorizing the state to appoint emergency managers in local governments that experience “financial emergencies,” essentially usurping the powers of local representatives. This project engages students in exploring the law’s effects on Michigan’s local governments and communities. Students conduct interviews with public officials and local organizers in Michigan communities affected by emergency management. Michigan activist Claire McClinton meets with students to discuss the Flint water crisis and its connection to the Emergency Manager Law. Students create policy briefs that examine the law’s implications for Michigan and other states, emphasizing the value of engaging with the civic bodies that touch citizens’ lives most: their local governments.

Grant category: Other

The Team

  • John ForesterDepartment of City and Regional Planning
    College of Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Community partner: Claire McClinton, activist

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