Engaged Curriculum Grants

Engaged Learning for International Migration

Conducting research projects in the field and developing strategies that will help improve conditions for immigrant farmworkers.

In contrast to those in major American cities, immigrant workers in rural upstate New York are largely hidden from public view. Yet, Cornell is surrounded by dozens of dairy and crop farms that rely on the labor of workers from Mexico and Central America. In this project, an interdisciplinary course sequence creates a pathway for students to gain greater understanding of international migration by conducting field research at farms in the region and working with farmworkers to help them advocate for themselves to improve their conditions. The project team is also developing a cross-college Migration Studies minor that offers students the opportunity to directly engage with migrant and refugee communities in the U.S. and abroad.

Grant type: Development (2017-18), Planning (2016-17)

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Engaged Curriculum Grants

Funding teams that are integrating community engagement into new and existing curricula.

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