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Interdisciplinary Tax Services for Low-Income Immigrants

Training accounting and law students to assist low-income immigrant taxpayers in their taxation and legal needs.

Upstate New York has a large population of low-wage immigrants who wish to pay taxes but need assistance in managing the United States tax system. While some tax preparation firms offer these services, low-wage immigrant workers often end up relying on misinformed and/or uneducated preparers in the area of immigrant taxation, which can have serious legal ramifications form these taxpayers. This course brings together accounting and law students in a cross-disciplinary collaboration that serves low-income immigrant taxpayers in their tax and legal needs. This effort provides a much-needed service for a vulnerable population while also developing a cutting-edge model for tax-return preparation and educating the next generation of accountants and tax preparers in the needs of low-income immigrant taxation.

Grant type: Development (2017-18), Planning (2016-17)

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