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Inequality Research Internship Partnership

Nonprofits can offer rich, meaningful, challenging summer internships. But, if an organization can’t cover a student’s living expenses, the internship is really only available to well-off students. This project supports two student research interns on the Measure of America project at the Brooklyn-based Social Science Research Council, expanding and diversifying the pool of students who can apply their knowledge of inequality and research skills to a real-world, policy relevant project. The interns — students from the minor in inequality studies — will deepen their data analysis and research skills, improve their ability to communicate research to the general public, and gain in-depth knowledge of inequality and poverty in America.

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JUNE 12, 2017
Measure of America summer research interns explore human well-being
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Undergraduate Engaged Research Grants

Expanding the number of students involved in established community-engaged research.

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