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Human-Environment Relations: DEA Engaged Learning from Local to Global

Innovative design in the built environment can improve the health, functioning and well-being of individuals in diverse settings. In this project, students enrolled in one of four courses in design and environmental analysis apply concepts they learn in the classroom to a range of community projects in both Ithaca and Honduras.

Students in one course work with a local nonprofit organization to design a warm and inspiring meeting environment for people recovering from addiction, behavioral problems and incarceration. In another course, students travel to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to continue collaborating with a nonprofit that is expanding a neonatal intensive care unit for frail newborns. In addition, a course will be developed to teach students how to conduct health impact assessments (HIAs) to promote the inclusion of health implications when new projects, programs or buildings are being considered in communities. In a fourth course, students conduct post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) to assess the impact of current design on occupants’ functioning, comfort and well-being.

Grant type: Advancement

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