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From Civil Rights to Local Food: Historical and Local Perspectives on Food Justice

How do local food justice efforts address the food access concerns of low-income communities? How can historical perspectives on food justice be used to aid in these efforts? These questions are central to Bobby Smith’s research and his goal of helping to create a more just, sustainable local food system. By analyzing community responses to the Greenwood Food Blockade of 1962 during the American civil rights movement — as well as current local food justice efforts organized by his community partners — Smith is examining how historical perspectives can aid local community food efforts and how communities rely on food justice to generate creative solutions to address their food needs and related problems.

The Team

  • Graduate student: Bobby J. Smith II, development sociology
  • Special committee chair: Scott Peters, Department of Development Sociology
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Community partner:  G.I.V.E. Program
  • Community partner: Rocky Acres Community Farm

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