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Linking Flood Risk and Climate Change: A Map of Riverine Flood Risk in Central New York State

Despite increased funding since the 1936 Omnibus Flood Control Act, flood damages have continued to escalate. Today, there is an ongoing debate about the relationship between man-made climate change and flood-inducing weather events. James Knighton is developing a flood-risk methodology to analyze the link between increased flood risk and global climate change, coming up with a system that can be leveraged by stakeholders to implement flooding solutions at the local level, generate public support for funding of flood instrumentation and monitoring at the state level, and generate public support for climate change-related action at the national level.

The Team

  • Graduate student: James Knighton, biological and environmental engineering
  • Special committee chair: M. Todd Walter, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Community partner: City of Ithaca

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