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Field Geophysics

Bringing students out of the classroom and into the field, where they use geophysical methods to collect data about the natural history of the region.

The Finger Lakes region is celebrated for its rich geology and natural resources, including glacial deposits that are among the deepest and least studied in the glaciated Great Lakes region. This revamped course teaches students different geophysical methods — such as using seismic waves and ground-penetrating radar — to non-destructively probe the subsurface and collect data about groundwater, mineral deposits and other geological features. Students use these data to advance several community-partner projects, including the creation of a once-in-a-generation map of near-surface geologic deposits, and identifying where local glacial aquifers are located and how they could be connected to surface features and wells. This collaboration combines the full spectrum of educational opportunity with scientific discovery to illuminate the natural history of the region.

Grant type: Development

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