Grants for Faculty Research on Engagement

Farmer-led Research in Malawi: Deepening Knowledge of Impact

For more than seventeen years, Cornell researchers and partners have collaborated on farmer-led participatory agroecological research in Malawi, and the impact on the community has been clear: improvements in sustainable agricultural practices, gender equity, income, food security, health and nutrition. But what has been the effect on the students involved in conducting the research? This grant project is using students’ reflective essays and evaluations to better understand the impact on student learning and development — shedding light on the challenges and possibilities of engaged research and ultimately strengthening the ability of faculty, students and communities to conduct this type of work.

The Team

  • Rachel Bezner Kerr, Department of Development Sociology
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Community Partner: Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (Malawi)

Grants for Faculty Research on Engagement

Supporting faculty who are investigating community-engaged learning and research and its specific impacts.

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