Engaged Curriculum Grants

Environmental and Experiential Learning in Washington, D.C.

Developing collaborative research and internship opportunities in environmental sectors with community partners and environmental groups in Washington, D.C.

Experiential learning is a priority for the Cornell in Washington (CIW) program and the Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (ESS) curriculum. This joint effort expands the CIW program to include environmentally and community-focused research and internship opportunities for both ESS majors and CIW program participants. Students gain experiential learning opportunities with an eco-friendly focus and participate in robust, mutually beneficial partnerships with environmental groups in the D.C. area. They choose from a range of internships to meet their own diverse interests and academic needs, from gaining skills in policy development and governance, to grassroots advocacy and community development, to outdoor fieldwork in natural resource management. In the process, they sharpen their critical reasoning and social-ecological thinking so they may better address complex environmental problems and how such problems are governed.

Grant type: Planning

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