Engaged Opportunity Grants

Engagement with the Akwesasne Community

Experiencing Akwesasne culture and increasing understanding of indigenous people through sensitivity training and service learning.

This project connects students with rich cultural activities within the Akwesasne community, which spans the top of New York state and the Ontario and Quebec provinces. Students undergo cultural sensitivity training so they fully grasp the historic and global context of the Haundenosaunee and Akwesasne communities, as well as the environmental and human rights issues faced by indigenous people. Students travel to Akwesasne to participate in an annual roadside cleanup and a Haudenosaunee social. Ultimately, students gain a better understanding of how to work with indigenous communities in a culturally appropriate manner.

Grant category: Student Leadership

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Engaged Opportunity Grants

Supporting a wide range of community-engaged projects, from student leadership programs and partnership building to events and conference travel. Open to all faculty and staff.

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