Engaged Opportunity Grants

Empathetic Design to Help People with Disabilities

Taking a team approach to creating open-source technology that assists people with disabilities and can be shared with communities around the world.

More than a hundred students from across Cornell’s campuses attend a three-day experiential learning event, where they work in teams to create technology that assists people with disabilities. Students learn the value of diversity by collaborating with others from different schools, majors, degrees, genders and people with different capabilities. Documentary filmmakers capture the process of product development and the teamwork involved, and they interview students about their perspectives on what the event experience means to them. The weekend culminates with a public demonstration of the open-source products and solutions the teams have created. Instructions and designs for accessible devices are provided to community partners to be shared with people around the world who would like to micro-manufacture the technology.

Grant category: Student Leadership

The Team

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Engaged Opportunity Grants

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