Engaged Opportunity Grants

Community Perspectives in Medicine

Facilitating conversations about the medical system to improve health disparities experiences by diverse populations.

Minority populations are often saddled with social and health inequalities that are not addressed or acknowledged by medical professionals. This student-run elective course provides a unique forum for first-year medical students to interact with members of communities that are most affected by these inequities. During six two-hour sessions, the students meet with representatives of different community-based organizations representing diverse populations and topics, including LGBT, chronic illness, disabilities, religion and immigrant health. Second-year students facilitate a semi-structured interview with the organization guests, focusing on health disparities within their community, challenges experienced with the medical system and what they wish doctors did differently. This innovative format results in rich dialogue that has the potential to create a practice of medicine that is more inclusive and respectful of minority needs.

Grant category: Student Leadership

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Engaged Opportunity Grants

Supporting a wide range of community-engaged projects, from student leadership programs and partnership building to events and conference travel. Open to all faculty and staff.

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