Engaged Opportunity Grants

Community Intersectionality Advocates

Developing self-reflective skills and a global view to advance multiculturalism and social justice within the Cornell community.

Community Intersectionality Advocates, or CIAs, are role models and leaders trained to encourage dialogue amount students, discuss on-campus resources and work toward creating truly inclusive communities. By connecting with their peers through discussion and community development, CIAs assume an active role in the advancement of multiculturalism and social justice at Cornell. With this grant, CIA student leaders attend a conference, organized by the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture, to reflect on their cultural identities as well as learn how society shapes the identities of others. This knowledge empowers CIA students to spread this deeper awareness across Cornell. They develop campus-wide initiatives to build safe peer-to-peer discussions around intersectionality and advocacy. They also create and facilitate diversity programming for first-year and transfer students’ winter orientation.

Grant category: Student Leadership

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Engaged Opportunity Grants

Supporting a wide range of community-engaged projects, from student leadership programs and partnership building to events and conference travel. Open to all faculty and staff.

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