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Commercial Food Spoilage

The spoilage of food products by microorganisms leads to food waste, quality loss, and consumer dissatisfaction. Yet most research on this issue has focused on bacterial  and not fungal  food spoilage. This project will attempt to close that gap by building a culture collection of food-sourced spoilage fungi and evaluating it to identify the processing and formulation conditions that contributed to the spoilage of the food products. Abigail Snyder, a graduate student in food science, is researching how critical controls should be modified to prevent fungal food spoilage. She will communicate her findings and offer training to community partners and food manufacturers at hands-on workshops and other activities organized by the Cornell Food Venture Center, and other extension programs, that provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs and developing food companies.

The Team

  • Graduate student: Abigail Snyder, food science
  • Special committee chair: Randy Worobo, Department of Food Science
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Community partner: Several New York State small food businesses
  • Community partner: Cornell University Food Safety Extension

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