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Rana Zadeh

Rana ZadehA 2014 Engaged Faculty Fellow, Rana Zadeh is an assistant professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis in the College of Human Ecology. Read her faculty profile for more information.

The Story

During 2014, Rana taught three courses — Innovations in Healthcare Research, Policy meets Design, and Planning and Managing the Workplace — all of which involved community-based research and design activities. During the fellowship year, her plan was to focus on the successful integration of the service learning model into the course Planning and Managing the Workplace, which she taught for the first time in 2014. In the service learning project launched by this course, Cornell students partnered with HKS Architects and the Center for Advanced Design Research & Evaluation (CADRE), two national leaders in workplace design, to generate innovative design solutions and integrate cutting-edge research into the design of a community health facility. This fruitful collaboration has continued until 2016. The graduate class Innovations in Healthcare Research has launched the Healthcare Innovation series. For the year 2015, we partnered with New York Presbyterian Hospital to rethink the future of neurological intensive care unit.

The Strategy

  • Emphasize the development and improvement of multidisciplinary dialogue among design, research, policy, and practice.
  • Involve Cornell students from the fields of design, architecture, interior design, urban and regional planning, business administration, policy analysis and management, public health, global health, landscape architecture, information science, facility management, ergonomics, environmental psychology, medicine, premedical studies, and biology and society.
  • Obtain the knowledge and experience related to human-centered scientific and applied research on design creativity
  • Make a difference in the world by working on real life projects presented by clients and community members
  • Practice to embrace diverse perspectives from multiple angles
  • Improve awareness about the sophistication and sensitivity of healthcare environments and the ethics and values needed to engage with patients, leaders, residents, and other stakeholders.

In The News

New course blends health policy and facility design (November 12, 2013, Cornell Chronicle)


Engaged Faculty Fellowship Program

A yearlong cohort program in which faculty dive deep into the theory and practice of engaged learning; meet monthly to discuss readings, share projects and workshop challenges; and help transform what it means to teach at Cornell

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