Engaged Faculty Fellowship Program

Bryan Duff

Bryan DuffA 2013 Engaged Faculty Fellow, Bryan Duff is a senior lecturer in the Department of Development Sociology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Read his faculty profile for more information.

The Story

Bryan re-designed the fieldwork for EDUC 4040 (Engaging Students in Learning).  Rather than observing and providing assistance in local classrooms, his students now plan and run an afterschool program at nearby DeWitt Middle School.  The result for his students: authentic experience with planning, teaching, and reflecting.  The results for the middle school kids: a team-produced short story with illustrations and a creative performance or product made within budgetary and other parameters.

“The Faculty Fellows program offered technical support from folks with lots of experience in service learning, as well as inspiration from other teachers on campus who are reinvigorating their professional practice.”

The Strategy

  • Students in EDUC 4040 study principles of learning and motivation and then put these principles to work to design a mini-course on story-telling and a small set of elective mini-courses for the afterschool program
  • Students work in pairs when they are actually teaching, and they reflect in writing immediately after each episode
  • Class time is spent de-briefing, de-bugging, and relating students’ experiences to the principles and research-based strategies that students read about

In the News

Engaged learning class enables teaching in the trenches (December 6, 2013, Cornell Chronicle)

Engaged Faculty Fellowship Program

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