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Larry D. Brown

Larry D. BrownA 2017-18 Faculty Fellow, Larry D. Brown is the Sidney Kaufman Professor in Geophysics in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in the Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture and Life Sciences. Read his faculty profile for more information.

About the Project

Brown is working with faculty colleagues to develop a new version of the field geophysics program that serves several purposes:

  • give undergraduates the opportunity to fulfill field experience requirements without having to apply to third-party programs, which can be expensive and far away
  • provide hands-on training in key geophysical and geodetic technologies
  • engage students in the study of important geoscience problems that are well-represented in central New York and addressable by these technologies
  • link scientific field studies to the needs and interests of the residents of this area

Each year the class will be tasked with defining a local problem that involves the shallow subsurface, learning techniques that may be useful in addressing that problem, designing a set of field experiments to collect data to solve the problem and then analyzing the results.

The key difference in the new version of the field course is the desire to engage external stakeholders in identifying which issues or concerns are most relevant to the community, to engage the community in the design and acquisition of the relevant data and then to communicate the findings to external stakeholders in an understandable, perhaps even actionable, manner.

In His Own Words

“My research over the past four decades has involved field geophysical surveys that, although cored by scientific questions, almost always involved some level of engagement with local officials or residents. However, that experience has been sporadic by its very nature and mostly focused on obtaining permissions to operate.

“I would like to expand that experience into building a long term connection, both personally and on behalf of the other faculty of EAS, with the broader upstate New York community in a manner that takes advantage of our technical expertise. I hope to expand my knowledge of engagement beyond the individuals most immediately involved with particular surveys to those who would more generally benefit from our studies and help us identify practical problems to address as this program grows as intended.”

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