Faculty & Staff Funding

Engaged Opportunity Grants

Bring a wide range of community-engaged initiatives to life

Cornell faculty and staff are always thinking of ways to create, enhance or participate in community-engaged initiatives, but they might not have the funds to get their ideas off the ground. Engaged Opportunity Grants are designed to help by supporting big and small projects from across the university.

Check out the list below, or read about previous grantees to see the range of possibilities.

These grants are intended to support:

Student leadership programming

  • projects where students can participate in leadership education, community engagement and/or critical reflection
  • developing student leadership through community engagement with diverse partners (e.g., communities, alumni and other university stakeholders)

Conference travel to present engaged scholarship:

  • research presentations or other scholarly work that aims to advance understanding of community-engaged research, teaching and partnership

Other opportunities:

  • production and dissemination of community-engaged tools, stories or training opportunities
  • assessment and evaluation of community-engaged learning and research, programs and impacts
  • co-sponsorship and documentation of community-engaged events
  • network development activities (e.g., thematic luncheon conversations, workshops, pilot collaborations, communications infrastructure) related to community engagement

Do you have an idea not listed here? Contact the Office of Engagement Initiatives, and we can talk about your specific project.

Engaged Opportunity Grants are not intended for work or programs supported by other grants:

Researching the impact of community-engaged work

If that’s what you’re looking for, see Engaged Research Grants for Faculty.

Undergraduate research programs

But take a look at the Undergraduate Engaged Research Program.

Curriculum development

If you’re developing a major, minor, or course, check out the Engaged Curriculum Grants.

Graduate student thesis research

For that, see Engaged Graduate Student Grants.


$5,000 maximum

Any funds not used within one year will be returned to the Office of Engagement Initiatives. These grants can’t be renewed or extended.


The Office of Engagement Initiatives recognizes community engagement benefits from many forms and sources of expertise. All Cornell faculty and staff are eligible to apply, and we invite proposals from any academic or non-academic unit.

Previous Recipients

Questions about your project?

Contact the Office of Engagement Initiatives. We’re here to help.

Email: engagedcornell@cornell.edu

Phone: (607) 254-4240