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Engaged Curriculum Grants

Create or develop curricula that connect community engagement with disciplinary learning

2017-18 RFP

The 2017-18 Request for Proposals and application deadline will be available in September.

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For community engagement to be central to Cornell, it has to be a core part of the curriculum. Engaged Curriculum Grants create, expand and strengthen majors and minors by funding teams that are integrating community engagement into courses.

But it takes more than money to build outstanding community-engaged curricula. That’s why a team of expert staff and a network of faculty peers are here to support grantees along the way.

Engaged Curriculum Grants are intended to support:

Modification of existing courses or curricula to add or deepen community-engaged learning and teaching in any field of study

Development of courses and curricula designed to achieve mutual benefits for both students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) and community partners

Teams of Cornell faculty and their community partners

Processes of curricular planning, development or advancement for community-engaged courses and curricula

Courses and curricula that are sustainable beyond the period of the grant

Engaged Curriculum Grants are not intended to support:

Ongoing or course-based activities that will be unsustainable beyond the period of the grant

Course development or research conducted by a single faculty member

Proposals to develop co- or extra-curricular activities

If that’s what you’re looking for, see Engaged Opportunity Grants.

Undergraduate research except as part of a course or curriculum

But take a look at the Undergraduate Engaged Research Program.

Graduate student research

For that, see Engaged Graduate Student Grants.

Funding and Types of Grants

To aid in selecting the appropriate grant mechanism for your proposal, please see the decision tree.

Total funding for a project will not exceed $150,000 over four years (any combination of funding).

Planning Grants

Duration: one year, non-renewable

Purpose: explore a new community partnership that would serve as the basis for a course;
or explore a new community-engaged course concept that would develop from an existing partnership.

Funding available: Up to $10,000

Development Grants

Duration: one year, renewable for additional one year

Purpose: develop and implement a community-engaged curricular concept created with a Planning Grant;
create new or develop existing community-engaged courses and/or curricula from an existing partnership.

Funding available: Up to $80,000 in the first year, and up to $60,000 in the second year

Advancement Grants

Duration: one year, non-renewable

Purpose: improve existing community-engaged courses and/or curricula.

Proposals must articulate clear goals for further development of their curricula. Some examples of possible goals for Advancement proposals are to:

  • identify, integrate, and advance the public purposes of the discipline;
  • develop strategies and plans to significantly grow the scale of the number of students involved in a course;
  • supplement existing courses with other curricular and co-curricular offerings to create coherent developmental sequences;
  • enhance or introduce interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • implement and assess overarching learning outcomes appropriate to the discipline;
  • develop rigorous tools for assessing outcomes and/or impacts;
  • create research and publication within and about the curriculum.

Funding available: Up to $60,000


Proposals will be submitted by departmental or cross-disciplinary teams comprised of three or more Cornell faculty members together with a representative or representatives of community partners involved with the proposal. Community partners may be community-based individuals and/or organizations, or Cornell-based organizations that facilitate the partnership.

Membership of the Cornell team will be comprised of 50 percent (or more) actively tenured/tenure-track faculty. Participation by junior faculty members is encouraged.

Engaged Curriculum Grant projects will be embedded within, or integrated with, a major, minor, or a graduate field in order to address major/minor/graduate field curricular goals. Courses and curricula developed through this grant program must serve to meet a requirement for a degree.

Collaboration across colleges/schools is encouraged. The faculty member leading a collaborative project must be a member of the department responsible for the course/curriculum.

Faculty and staff from non-academic units of Cornell (e.g., centers, institutes, programs, extension divisions, museums, laboratories) may participate with faculty from an academic unit.

Teams that have completed one year of Development Grant funding are eligible to apply for a second year of Development Grant funding.

Teams that have completed one or two years of Development Grant funding will only be eligible to apply for an Advancement Grant two years following the completion of the most recent Development Grant.

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