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  Cornell University

Engaged Opportunity Grants Fall 2016 Recipients

The Engaged Opportunity Grants create, expand, and strengthen opportunities for faculty and staff to develop, administer, or participate in community-engaged initiatives. Applications are accepted three times a year.



Day Laborer Application Pilot Program

Description: Training workers from low-income and immigrant communities to use a mobile app to prevent wage theft and increase awareness about labor standards and workplace safety

Keywords:  mobile phone application, technology, immigrant, low-income workers, labor, low-income communities, New York City

Team members:

  • Maria C. Figueroa, Labor and Policy Research, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Legna J. Cabrera, the Worker Institute, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Community partner: New Immigrant Community Empowerment


ILR Worker Institute Annual Labor Roundtable

Description: Connecting students with leaders from unions and social justice organizations for dynamic, in-depth conversations

Keywords: labor, unions

Team members:

  • Ileen DeVault, Labor Relations, Law, and History, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Risa Lieberwitz, Labor Relations, Law, and History, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Kate Bronfenbrenner, Labor Relations, Law, and History, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Alexandra Klein, Labor Relations, Law, and History, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Xavier Eddy, Labor Relations, Law, and History, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Anne Sieverding, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Community partners: ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York; American Federation of Government Employees; American Federation of Teachers; Chicago Teachers Union; Pacific Northwest Ironworkers Apprenticeship; Retail Action Project; Service Employees International Union; Tompkins County Workers’ Center; UNITE HERE!; Writers Guild of America, West


Making Films, Friends, and Futures

Description: Reducing summer learning loss by teaching middle school students from low-income families to tell stories through film

Keywords: curriculum, education, film-making, rural communities, K-12, youth, achievement gap, low-income families, Tioga County, Tompkins County

Team member:

  • Bryan Duff, Education Minor and School of Integrative Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Community partners: Dryden Middle School, Spencer – Van Etten Middle School


New York State EMT – Basic Course for Students at Cornell

Description: Reestablishing a state-certified emergency medicine course at Cornell, filling a critical gap in services and training provided to students

Keywords: emergency medicine, emergency medical services (EMS), emergency medical technician (EMT), health, emergency response, Tompkins County

Team members:

  • Marc Magnus-Sharpe, Cornell Outdoor Education
  • Edward Koppel, Gannett Health Services
  • Prawalika Gangidi, Cornell Emergency Medical Services
  • Daniel Maas, Cornell Emergency Medical Services
  • Jen Gudaz, Physical Education and Recreational Services

Community Partners: Bangs Ambulance Service, Cayuga Heights Fire Department, Dryden Ambulance Service, New York State Department of Health, Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response, Village of Trumansburg Emergency Medical Services


The Rebirth of Living Latin

Description: Funding travel for conference presentations on Living Latin and improving public and media outreach for classical studies

Keywords: Latin, education, languages, classics

Team member:



Root Maps: A collaborative international theatre project with Kolkata, India and El Paso, Texas

Description: Funding travel for the performance of the collaboratively written play, “Root Maps,” and a community discussion about the project, raising awareness about marginalized identities and border realities in India and the U.S.

Keywords: Chicano/a studies, comparative literature, theater, border studies, India

Team members:

  • Debra Castillo, Comparative Literature, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Elaigwu Ameh ’20
  • Rosalie Purvis ’19
  • Alejandra Rodríguez ’17

Community Partners: Debaroti Chakraborty, Jadavpur University; Debasish Sen Sharma, filmmaker; Carolina Osorio Gil, Cultura Ithaca

Conference: XXII Congreso de literatura mexicana contemporánea, El Paso, Texas, March 2017