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Candidate Projects from Association Proposals (2016)

Step 1 of the 2016 Engaged Cornell Cooperative Extension Student Projects RFP process has been completed with the submission of proposals by CCE Associations that describe county-based projects seeking student and faculty participation. Step 2 seeks faculty proposals from all colleges and schools to address the seven candidate projects listed below.

[PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]

Candidate Projects

Broome County | Let’s Eat New York! Identifying Strategies To Address Food Insecurity and Promote Improved Health Outcomes

Through Let’s Eat New York!, CCE Broome County is taking an interdisciplinary, community-based approach to examine the county’s food systems and opportunities to stimulate food access.

tags: food security, nutrition, public health, poverty, urban, hunger, farmer market, agritourism, demand creation, communication, obesity, economic development, good agricultural practice (GAP), distribution systems

[PDF with complete Broome County proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]


Delaware County and CUCE-NYC | Catskill-NYC Watershed/Foodshed: Connecting Delaware County Farmers with NYC Consumers

The Catskill-NYC Watershed/Foodshed project focuses on helping Delaware County’s farmers expand their sales and market reach to downstate consumers.

tags: rural development, food shed, watershed, farmer market, local foods, economic development, urban-rural partnership

[PDF with complete Delaware County/CUCE-NYC proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]


Erie County | Buffalo Farm-to-School Project

The Buffalo Farm-to-School project team addresses challenges in the local food system to help school-aged children and producers throughout Erie County.

tags: K-12, curriculum, evaluation, nutrition, harvest, farm to school, local foods, economic development, social economy, urban-rural partnership, urban revitalization, wellness policies

[PDF with complete Erie County proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]


Jefferson County | Food Systems: Developing a Regional Food Hub in Northern New York

A new food hub for Northern New York is being developed to help growers distribute local products to local businesses and organizations.

tags: farmer market, local foods, rural development, economic development, food safety, community development, transportation, communication

[PDF with complete Jefferson County proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]


Sullivan County | Supporting Sullivan Seniors Planning Project

CCE Sullivan County is beginning work on designing and conducting research to identify the current state of needs, barriers, and opportunities for Sullivan County seniors.

tags: transportation, aging, seniors, service delivery, mapping, network analysis, long-term care, economic vitality, family services, rural development, demographics, communication

[PDF with complete Sullivan County proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]


Tioga County | Our Farms; Our Stories

Tioga County’s Our Farms; Our Stories project goes beyond the standard census approach to gain a greater understanding of county ag producers, particularly about small scale, diversified farms and beginning farmers.

tags: digital storytelling, ethnography, history, rural development, economic development, workforce development, foodshed, human ecology, sociology, communication, education, small-scale farming

[PDF with complete Tioga County proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]


Tompkins County | Food Security for All

CCE Tompkins County addresses local food insecurity by augmenting existing programs by way of short- and long-term solutions that provide engaged-learning experiences helping students and the community.

tags: food security, health, nutrition, families, parenting, youth, hunger, poverty, community-supported agriculture, obesity, sociology, public policy/administration, race, equity, economics, education, communication

[PDF with complete Tompkins County proposal narrative.] | [PDF with seven complete proposal narratives.]