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Faculty Institute (CELT)

Apply now. The application deadline is by May 16, 2017.

The Faculty Institute on Community Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) is co-sponsored with the Center for Teaching Excellence:

  • Brings together tenured and tenure-track faculty to engage in complex discussions and workshops about aspects of service learning and teaching.
  • Creates a network of teachers and scholars who can serve as a resource to one another on matters of community- engaged learning and teaching.
  • Supports faculty in creating an engaged learning environment by integrating high impact learning practices into the design of new or revised courses and in assessing those practices

The idea for a Faculty Institute on Community Engaged Learning and Teaching emerged from Cornell’s most recent strategic planning document, “Cornell University at its Sesquicentennial,” in which the university made public engagement, service, learning, and the connection of the traditional academic learning environment and service to the surrounding community a formal university learning goal. In particular, this report outlined the university’s objectives to:

  • make public engagement and impact a more distinctive component of education at Cornell;
  • strengthen opportunities for students to “engage the world” as part of their academic work;
  • and give special attention to enhancing faculty teaching in creating these enriching service experiences. ​

What?  The Faculty Institute is a two-day retreat. Cornell faculty members and program representatives from across campus, as well as outside experts, will facilitate sessions.

Who?  All Cornell tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply. The Institute is aimed at faculty who have not yet made community-engaged service-learning a major focus of their teaching but are interested in gaining insights on how to accomplish this.

All participants will receive a $500 research stipend.  By accepting the stipend, you commit to prepare for the Institute by completing readings, attending all presentations, and actively participating in Institute workshops.

Why?  Through readings and facilitated discussions, you will begin the process of transforming your courses to include community-engaged learning and civic engagement. You will construct and evaluate learning outcomes appropriate to service-learning and discuss effective tools that encourage students in critical self-reflection.

When?  May 22-23, 2017

Where? ILR Conference Center, King-Shaw Hall

What else?  In addition to participation in the two-day Institute, in a follow-up symposium session which will occur approximately six months to one year after the Institute, participants will share how engaged learning and civic engagement were integrated into their courses and how service-learning activities impacted student learning. In addition, there will be check-in working sessions throughout the academic year. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and findings with their department. Work will also be highlighted on the CTE and Office of Engagement Initiatives webpages.

Apply now. The application deadline is by May 16, 2017.

Download the CELT overview.