Acknowledging and Branding Your Engaged Cornell Funding and Activity

You can acknowledge your funding and identify your work as being part of Engaged Cornell through written text/spoken words and logos/identity graphics.

Please alert Aaron Goldweber, Office of Engagement Initiatives communications director, if community-engaged research or activities result in media appearances or noteworthy publication so that we can help publicize your work.

Written Text and Spoken Words

Acknowledging Support/Funding

When you and your colleagues have received Engaged Cornell funding from the Office of Engagement Initiatives, please acknowledge the support in published materials, news stories/quotes, posters, and talks that are related to the funded project. Below are some options:

“This Engaged Cornell work was supported by an [full name of specific grant mechanism, linked to website] [optional: from the Office of Engagement Initiatives].”

Ex: “This Engaged Cornell work was supported in part by an Engaged Curriculum Grant.”

Ex: “An Engaged Opportunity Grant from the Office of Engagement Initiatives funded this community-engaged project.”

Note: Please don’t say that the project was “supported by Engaged Cornell” or that “we got a grant from Engaged Cornell.” This is because Engaged Cornell isn’t a thing — it’s more like an idea, an action. Read more about that here.


Please consider adding our general weblink (engaged.cornell.edu) to your acknowledgements and webpages (e.g., profile page, lab page).

In Conversation or When Speaking to a Group

We’re excited to have you spread the word about your Engaged Cornell funding and your community-engaged work. As noted above, our preference is that you mention the specific grant type (e.g., Undergraduate Engaged Research Grant) you’ve received.

Ex: “The Office of Engagement Initiatives is supporting our Engaged Cornell work with an Undergraduate Engaged Research Grant.”

Ex: “Our community-engagement work is funded with an Undergraduate Engaged Research Grant.”

Event Cosponsorship

If you’ve received event support funding directly from OEI (not via a grant), please list the “Office of Engagement Initiatives” as the cosponsor. You can also consider this an “Engaged Cornell” event and use a logo if useful.

Logos/Identity Graphics

Engaged Cornell logo

Please consider using Engaged Cornell identity graphics on posters, webpages, PowerPoints, etc.

We recommend that you consult with your department/unit communications experts on the interpretation and application of the guidelines of the logos.

Detailed brand guidelines and logo files are available here.