Advancing Cornell's mission through community-engaged discovery and learning.

Engaged Cornell is:

  • championing research, curricula and co-curricular activities that are identified, designed and implemented with partner communities
  • contributing to solutions that overcome some of the world’s biggest challenges
  • preparing students to become global citizens leading social change
  • inspiring a new generation of teaching and research at Cornell and beyond

How is this different from other public engagement at Cornell?

Community engagement is a type of public engagement  — one with partnerships and students at its core. In community-engaged work, community partners are equal players, and projects are created, developed and carried out collaboratively with students from the start.

Public engagement has been central to Cornell’s mission since the university’s founding in 1865. Engaged Cornell celebrates this long history, and — through a generous gift from the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust — deepens Cornell’s community-engaged activities.

What does Engaged Cornell look like in action?

You can see Engaged Cornell across campus and around the world in work led by students, faculty, staff and their community partners. Cornell’s colleges and schools offer a vast array of engaged programming, which is supported and augmented by many other units on campus, including those in the Engaged Cornell Hub.

To learn about Engaged Cornell work happening around the world, catch-up on recent news.

Why is community engagement important?

Community-engaged discovery and learning can:

  • advance disciplinary research in ways that are both rigorous and creative
  • enhance classroom learning by giving students hands-on, practical experience tackling critical challenges at home and around the world
  • empower students to become active citizens who practice respect and empathy; seek collaboration, cooperation and creativity; and embrace differences and diversity
  • further community partners’ missions and goals by harnessing the best of what partners, faculty and students bring to the collaboration
  • address complex global issues through partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration

How do I get involved?

The path to meaningful community engagement is different for everyone. Cornell offers opportunities and resources for faculty, staff and students who are just beginning to explore community engagement, those ready to take a deeper dive and those who have been doing community-engaged work for years.

If you aren’t sure where to start, contact the Office of Engagement Initiatives, visit the Engaged Cornell Hub or subscribe to the Engaged Cornell mailing list.